Venus speakers  

On this page is a family of our traditional Zeta Zero loudspeakers, available colours, models, specifications and price-info (at the bottom of  the page  info).


But Here  are news about our flagship ,,ORBITAL360" system-the first in The World omni-directional home wideband ribbon home loudpsekaers  for  almost 3D stage -one of  the best possible sound ever created.











Our the most popular model for apartments and typical homes.
   300 Watts Sinus RMS/500Watts music/1000 Watts  short term (per cabinet )  

3 way, passive, 4 Ohm, Frequency response about 26 to over 50 000 Hz (see plot above)



Venus Picolla  are the perfect power speakers for most of power amplifiers. From tube amps of only a few Watts up  to "monster" amps with as much as  1kWatt RMS. These speakers work equally well with both extremes. Thanks to our very high efficiency, a set of  Venus Picolla plus a very small 30 Watt A class tube  amp  will be very loud. You'd be suprised. 






                                                     "ZETA ZERO Venus Picolla": (one speakerbox parameters)

  • power: 300 Watts  RMS(500 Watts music power/ 1000 Watts short term overload)  up to 1175 Watts in impulse

  • internal computer overload security system for all  3 speakers. No power supply needed. Bass, mid and high drivers electronic protecion -not audible in action. It is possible to drive the cabinet  from fully drived ZETA ZERO amplifier model 1175  for a short period of time with the full power of over 1kW without  damaging the cabinet  and no audible distortion.
  • freq. response about 26 Hz to 50.000 Hz (gently decreasing over 75kHz)   look here
  • 3 way passive system with active cooling circuit for membranes
  • efficiency typically about 93dB

  • impedance: 4 Ohm

  • 2 physical speakers with 3 drivers -including our exclusively designed double multiband (high-mid) ultra high power ribbon speaker (40 kg  magnet system)

  • total weight of one speakerbox  about : 58 kg

  • dimensions: 1080*470*480 mm

  • supply:   SINGLE or BI-wiring  

  • recommended amplifier power from 8 to 1000 Watt RMS

  • recommended room size 12 to 80 sq meters









power (per one cabinet ):

MK1 standard version:---------------------------- 1000 Watts RMS /1500 Watts music  

MK2 extended version:------------1500  Watts RMS  (power of ultrabass driver section)

MK3 extreme  version:--3000 Watts RMS/8000 Watts music (power of ultrabass driver  section)
4 way passive, 4 Ohm MK1,     2x4 Ohm MK2,        2X2 Ohm Mk3   

frequency responce about 18Hz to  50 000 Hz



The most powerfull model of the Zeta Zero Venus family. Up to 3000Watts RMS per one cabinet bass driver.  The most incredible sound. Perfect  front loudspeakers for the biggest rooms, and great home 3D HD cinema systems . With this model, pipe organs sound as if you're sitting in church. And drums sound as if you're sitting at front stage!





                                      "ZETA ZERO Venus Edition": (one speakerbox parameters)

  • power of one box : 

    MK1-  1000 Watts RMS  1 x 4 Ohm (1500 Watts music power and in impulse)                       MK2-  1500 RMS /2500 Watts  music power (power of bass 2x 4 Ohm                                  
    MK3-  3000 RMS /8000 Watts music power (power of bass 2x 2 Ohm)

  • MK1 parameters:

    freq. response of about 18 Hz to 50.000 Hz (gently decreasing  over 75kHz and even to 90 kHz)  look here

  • 4 way pasive system with cooling circuit
  • efficiency typically about 93dB

  • impedance: MK1- 4 Ohm

                          MK2-  2 Ohm

                          MK3-  2x2 Ohm bass  + 4 Ohm mid/high

  • 3 physical speakers  with 4 drivers  including our exclusively designed double- multiband (high-mid) ultra high power ribbon speaker, weight : 40 kg

  • total weight of one speakerbox : MK1-  87 kg

                                                              MK2-  97 kg

                                                              MK3-  123 kg

  • dimensions: 1300*540*550 mm

  • supply:   SINGLE or BI-wiring   ( MK 3 requires  3 amps)

  • recomended amplifier power- 30 to 1000 Watt  

  • recomended room size 20 to 140 sq meters

  • internal computerised overload security system and electronic protecion for 3 speakers:  low-mid, mid   and high. No power supply needed.







Power 300 Watts sinus rms/500 Watts music/1000 Watts short term (one speaker cabinet)
3 way, passive,  4 Ohm,  frequency response about 31Hz to 50 000 Hz




Venus Satelite model is a powerful, full-band speaker. An alternative to our most powerful flagship model the Venus Edition.  As with the Venus Edition, it is  equpiped with the same uniquely powerful wide-band ribbon driver designed exlusively for our Zeta Zero.  It may be used as a main front speaker, or as satellite  speakers on rear channals in any multi-channal system,  or as main speakers in ultimate stereo sets. Recomended room size  between 20 to 120 sq meters.






                                               "ZETA ZERO Venus Satellite": (one speakerbox)

  • power: 300 Watts  RMS(500  Watts music power)  up to 1100 Watts in impulse

  • internal computer  overload security system for all  3 speakers.It is possible to drive the cabinet  from fully drived ZETA ZERO amplifier model 1175  for a short period of time with the full power of over 1kW without  damaging the cabinet  and no audible distortion. 
  • bass, mid and high drivers electronic protecion -not audible in action!
  • freq. response  about 31 Hz do 50,000 Hz  look here

  • 3 way pasive system
  • efficiency typically about 93dB

  • impedance- 4 Ohm

  • 2 speakers with 3 drivers including our exclusively designed multiband (high-mid) ultra high power ribbon speaker, weight -40 kg

  • weight: 75 kg

  • dimensions: 1380*500*480 mm

  • supply:   SINGLE lub BI-wiring  

  • recomended amplifier 8 to 200 Watts

  • recomended room size 20 to 90 sq meters






And for fans of classic shape and classic colours.............



Power 200 Watts sinus RMS/ 300 Watts music  (one cabinet)
3 way, passive, 4 Ohm, Frequency response about 34Hz-50 000Hz




The smallest and the cheapest speakerbox in our collection, the Goliat Satelite model is a powerful, full-band speaker. As with all our models, it is equpiped with the same unique wide-band ribbon speaker (probably the most powerful ribbon in the world).  Designed exlusively for our Zeta Zero. It may be used as an inexpensive satelite on rear channals in bigger multi-channal sets equipped with Venus Edition or Venus Satelite at the front, or as a main speaker in smaller sets. Especially suitable for flats and small apartments. Recommended room size  between 12 to 80 sq. meters.



                                             "ZETA ZERO Goliat Satellite ": (one speakerbox)

  • power: 200 Watts  RMS(300 Watts in  impulse)

  • freq. response  about 34 Hz do 50,000 Hz  look here

  • 3 way pasive system
  • efficiency  over 89 dB

  • impedance 4 Ohm

  • 2 speakers with 3 drivers-  including our exclusively designed multiband (high-mid) ultra high power ribbon speaker, weight - 40 kg

  • weight: 55 kg

  • dimensions: 770*305*330 mm

  • supply:   SINGLE lub BI-wiring  

  • recommended amplifier 8 to 200 Watts

  • recomended room size -12  to 60 sq meters






All  Zeta Zero loudspeakers are hand made and crafted  from hundreds of  real wood layers -no plastic is used at all in the body. Here link to all available models&designs .  All rights of designs  reserved by international law. 



Loudspeakers are finished in semi-gloss and available in regular price in 4 basic colors:

Black, Sahara/sand, Deep Bronze/Chocolate(mahogony), as well as Full Colourless-transparent. Two of them-deep bronze and colourless are  transparent so you can see  beautiful layers and the structure of  wood (see  photos below).

Also available by request,other  colours and full gloss finish -by extra payment (see  details below).




In Zeta Zero one of the most powerful and most complicated ultra wide band real ribbon loudspeaker-drivers ever created. Build  of well over quarter of a thousand of components and advanced 21st century materials. Fully computerized. And featuring a self-cooling active system.  And  our specialultra high current leads are over 1" thick ; silver-plated;  4-way for  bi-wiring.   This lead is made of up to 8004  silver plated copper strings for the best possible sound properties. No compromises in Zeta Zero. We do this  customized lead for  orders.




Below photos of Bass drivers-which we use in Zeta Zero powerful 15",ultra low frequency bass units for our new version MK2 and MK3  Zeta Zero Venus Edition. The first driver's power - 2500 Watts. The amplitude of movement (Xmax)- as much as 100mm! The weight - over 21kg.

 The second ultra bass driver is probably the most powerfull 15" bass unit on Earth! 3000 Watts RMS and 8000 Watts music power ! The weigh of this bass monster- 47kg !

For comparison, other companies use  bass speakers of power up to about 300 Watt and  Xmax  up to 15mm-compare it to 100mm Xmax  of   bass speaker used in Zeta Zero!

These drivers give you an unbelievable dimension of deep bass that even  the best modern 3D public cinema can't compare with! 



3000 Watts  RMS /8000 Watts music power (47kg weight)

 ultra-speaker  from our flag ship model

ZETA ZERO  Venus Edition MK3



We would like to point out one very interesting and significant topic from the audio measurements of Zeta Zero loudspeakers. 

The actual frequency response plot of high frequencies  of our ribbon drivers. The actual measurements were done by a reference capsule Bruel&Kajer model 4136  and for comparison 4135 + professional 200V B&K conditioner and preamp Bruel&Kajer model 2606 and 2010 with frequency response up to 200kHz and digital graphic representation made by audio laboratory measurement digital systems.

As you can see it, is unusually flat with a gently decreasing response up to nearly 90kHz! The reason- the ultra-wide frequency response  of the transducer. It is vitally important to get  realistic true  high quality sound because "the magic" of sound is hidden in the so called "harmonics" often located much higher than the basic acoustic frequency of a signal. For example, the harmonics of a real violin are still present over 2000 kHz! Even in the best world class loudspeakers the frequency response limit is often around 30 to sometimes 40 kHz. What is worse, often on much lower frequencies usually one octave down (sometimes on as low as  14- 18kHz) start to be very harmful  strong resonances, and over them the frequency response plot falls nearly vertically down.

 Here  in Zeta Zero we have  a response  like from "Heaven". No resonances, no limits on 20 or even 40 kHz, and a very gently falling  line  up to around 90 kHz. Perfect plot response for Perfect Sound !

 This is one of our Zeta Zero sound secrets- this ultra-wide and extremely flat frequency response  up to that magic 90 kHz. This frequency response pared together with the extreme power and durability of Zeta Zero are two factors usually not found together in home loudspeakers made by most of our world competitors !





And some interesting news: We would like to inform that our speakers are the first  computerised High End speakers equipped with black-box(flight recorder) as in airplanes  and space shuttles- we added to them advanced computerised protection circuits for all speakers including bass driver. This system does not need any power supply and as audiophile design is totally transparent for sound if the protection process is not activated. Chance to this  protection system, short term music power of Venus Picolla is  extended to as  high as over 1100 Watts per one speaker cabinet (originally was 500Watts), what gives incredible dynamic and sound achievements unknown in any other speakers of World competition. Additionally: in all our ribbon speakers we use  sophisticated  military materials including nanotechnology and  all our models have (designed also by our engineering team) silent cooling system for ribbons (which also does not need any power supply), so our ribbon speakers have up to a good few times higher power performance  than the best ribbons produced by any competitors.
Important notice: For guarantee reasons loudspekaers should be kept in an environment where the relative standard huminidity is  between  40 and  60%. Out of  direct sunlight and away of cooling or heating ducts.



Due to present dynamic changes in  costs of expensive components used in Zero Zero including so called rare earth metals -for full pricelist  of all models  please write to us on:   trstudio@trstudio.com   or call  (+ 48) 601842926.  We  answer for all your questions and we always  send  full PDF pricelist  on request.